Carpet Myths Debunked

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Carpet Myths Debunked
Five Common Carpet Myths Debunked

Carpet has been the most popular floor covering in America for decades for good reason - carpets feel soft, reduce noise and insulate rooms. But some common misconceptions deter people from buying carpets. Before purchasing flooring, consider the following information from Shaw Floors:

MYTH 1 Carpet is bad for asthma and allergies

FACT: A common misconception for people with asthma and allergies is to avoid carpet in the home. But, did you know studies show that properly cleaned carpet helps reduce symptoms and is the best flooring option for these conditions.

MYTH 2 Hot water extraction removes the stain treatment & causes re-soiling

FACT: Routine, proper care will not remove the stain chemistry and it will not lead to re-soiling. 

MYTH 3 Carpet contributes to mold growth

FACT: Mold cannot grow on synthetic fibers if the carpet is kept clean and dry.

MYTH 4 Carpet is dirty

FACT: With advances in fiber technology, carpet is easier than ever ti keep clean. Proper maintenance and periodic hot water extraction will keep it looking and performing at its best.

MYTH 5 Carpet isn't a sustainable choice

FACT: The carpet industry diverts waste and discard from landfills and repurposes as ingredients for the carpet manufacturing process. Responsible carpet manufacturers understand the importance of meeting indoor air quality (IAQ) performance for VOC emissions. Shaw Floors meets IAQ standards for VOC emissions through the CRI Green Label Plus®️ certification program.