A Culture of

We strive to create a better future and a better world. A world in which we collectively value and invest in the health, well being and success of all people and our planet. We aim to create a culture of sustainability within Shaw, and beyond.

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We Are Committed
To Doing Better

Anderson Tuftex is partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation® to restore forests and will plant a tree for every hardwood product sold. Every decision has the potential to make a difference. Together, we will make a difference - one tree at a time.

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Made Smarter.
Live Better.

Our products are designed and manufactured to address the health and wellness needs of your customers. Shaw achieves this by focusing on five important design principles: material, moisture, sound, air, and clean. Your customers deserve a clean and healthy home, and our products deliver this.

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A Cradle to Cradle Commitment

Almost 90% of the products Shaw manufactures are Cradle to Cradle Certified® and are designed to support clean, healthy homes.  

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Leading a Sustainable Future

You are getting 20,000+ individuals bound together by a common vision to create a better future. By combining deep market knowledge with new ways of thinking, we drive innovation into our business and set the standard for next generation manufacturing.