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Performance Plus Warranties
Awesome happens on Shaw floors every day. But sometimes, things can get a little too awesome. Like the time the baby threw her hands in the air—while holding a cup of juice.  Or when the dog came running across the room to greet you—muddy paws and all. When oh-no moments catch you by surprise, we have you covered.


Bold and cutting edge flooring fashions designed to reflect the homeowner’s personalized style and taste. Pinnacle level flooring offers the most discerning homeowner a wide variety of luxurious and extremely fashionable flooring. Constructed with the highest quality, stain resistant, and durability standards.

  • 15-Year Quality Assurance
  • 15-Year R2X® Stain & Soil Resistance
  • 15-Year Abrasive Wear Warranty
  • 15-Year Texture Retention Warranty
  • Transferable
  • Non-Prorated

Primarily featuring Shaw Anso® nylon products. Incorporating all of the Performance technology below, plus most styles are created with the added benefits of Shaw’s premier Anso® nylon.



Flooring choices with performance and fashion in mind. Shaw’s Performance collection offers an expanded selection of flooring that will beautify a home while enhancing durability and ease of maintenance. New technological advancements provide for increased performance and double the warranties.

  • 10-Year Quality Assurance
  • 10-Year R2X® Stain & Soil Resistance
  • 10-Year Abrasive Wear Warranty
  • 10-Year Texture Retention Warranty
  • Transferable
  • Non-Prorated

Utilizing technology advancements to enhance style, stain and soil resistance, and durability, including:

  • R2X® Stain and Soil Resistance
  • Enhanced Body Yarn System
  • New “Soft Yarn” Technology
  • SoftBac®
  • Elevated Twist Levels


Affordable, entry-level flooring solutions for the budget-minded home.

  • 5-Year Quality Assurance