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High gloss finish for laminate flooring
Shaw is proud to present a major breakthrough in flooring technology. OptiGuard is a very high-gloss, durable laminate finish that is compounded to be highly scratch-resistant and dramatically increase the detail, realism and beauty of the floor.

Shaw laminate products with the OptiGuard finish feature outstanding clarity which is not always evident in other high-gloss products in the industry today. The surface is exceptionally smooth, fine and reflective, offering a beautiful high gloss while enhancing the natural beauty of the product.

Get acquainted with Shaw's major breakthrough in laminate technology:
The high-gloss, forgiving laminate finish that resists scratches and dramatically increases realism and beauty!

Made in the USA: Other high-gloss competitive products are foreign-made, but OptiGuard laminates are made in America.

Forgiving surface: Pliant and adaptive, OptiGuard is made to resist scratching and marring and even to hide scratches which many times reveal themselves as white lines in other laminate products. Most manufacturers try to make the surface harder, but the more pliable OptiGuard surface creates a highly durable floor in the toughest environments.

Ultra-high gloss: OptiGuard has outstanding clarity and one of the highest gloss levels in the industry. It's an exceptionally smooth, fine, reflective surface.

Dynamic design, color, and realism: OptiGuard's clarity makes possible the most realistic visuals,lots of rich detail and unique colors.

Extremely durable: Putting a highly scratch-resistant finish on top-tier laminate creates a product that endures handsomely.