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Turkey for You

Turkey for You
🎶 The Thanksgiving Song Shaw Edition 🎶

Turkey for you

Turkey for me

Let's eat the turkey

On Memorial Hickory

Love to eat the turkey

At the table

Get some Shaw Floors if you are able. 

Eat that turkey

All night long

Fifty million Shaw carpet yards

Can't be wrong

Turkey lurkey doo and

Turkey lurkey dap

I eat that turkey

‘N on Endurance take a nap


Thanksgiving is a special night

Our WPC Floorte is dynamite

That's right

Turkey with gravy and cranberry

Can't believe R2X protects against strawberry

Turkey for me and

Turkey for you

Better believe Totalworx has all the right options for glue!


White meat, dark meat

You just can't lose

I fell on COREtec

And didn’t get a bruise

Wrap the turkey up

In aluminum foil

Shaw Total Care can take out that stain of soil

Turkey and sweet potato pie

Anderson Tuftex makes you bat an eye


Turkey for the girls and

Turkey for the boys

OptiClean protects against abrasion from your kids toys

Gobble gobble goo and

Gobble gobble gickel

I wish Shaw freight

Only cost a nickel

Oh I love turkey on Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving everybody from our Shaw Floors family to yours! 


Gobble til you wobble,


PS - Adam Sandler didn't give us the rights to this song. Shaw had nothing to do with the original song :)