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7 Hardwood Species That Won’t Go Out of Style

7 Hardwood Species That Won’t Go Out of Style
Timeless. Classic. Great for resale. There’s just something about hardwood.

Timeless. Classic. Great for resale. There’s just something about hardwood. It’s been often imitated. But nothing beats the real look and feel of that true biophilic design of bringing the outdoors in. Let’s take a look at these beauties that won’t ever go out of style.


(Oh how l love to make bold statements!)

Hickory - hickory is known for two things. It’s hardness and it’s unbridled beauty. You see all of the little perfect imperfections that make hickory unique like mineral streaks, worm holes and knot holes. Blonde, red and brown undertones interchange showing off a wide array of color in the wood naturally. A great example of timeless hickory is Memorial Sliced Hickory in an impressive and stunning 9” width. Gorg!


Red Oak can be made to look stunning when treated by true artists and manufacturers who bring out the real beauty, tone and texture of the wood. I so admire the All In II 5” width oak in color Biscuit. Low gloss, toning down the color play and really enhancing the hardwood. Affordable and attainable.


White Oak is a white hot trend now but it has always been an ageless beauty. It’s such a quiet elegant wood. Due to no glaring undertones the true color boasts the richness of the wood to give you soft beautiful neutrals for decades. It’s the most sought after wood right now especially in a sliced visual. That grain! You won’t only be timeless. You’ll be ‘gram worthy. Go ahead….take the pic! Look at the beauty of Mariner Oak in color Harbor. Clean modern simple.


Walnut is so very luxe and rich. True chocolate browns and pale blondes run like rivers intermingling over the grain. Walnut is very special and unique. It elevates any room with it’s fine yet open grain. Color Lincoln in the Memorial Walnut collection hugs your soul…


Ash is known as a very hardy wood as used popularly in baseball bats and furniture. Ash has beautiful graining in its own right. Naturally a stunner due to the aesthetics of the species. Impressions Ash in color Native beckons you in.


Maple has a beautiful modern look. Best known for being used on the basketball courts, but don’t let that box maple in a corner. If you are looking for elegance with a clean and quiet grain stature, maple is for you. Mackenzie Maple ll has it all. Beauty in an effortless subtle nature.


Pecan is a beautiful domestic exotic. The luxe grains and the coloration have a classic traditional look rivaling hickory. It accepts the stain like a modern version of cherry. Minus all of the red undertones but still very very luxe in beauty and styling. Majestic Pecan in color Antique is simply breathtaking. Soak it in!


The beauty of hardwood has proven to be timeless. Enjoy the realism, authenticity, and feel underfoot that only the forest can provide. Hardwood is rooted as a true classic floor. It can be subtle and understated as the perfect backdrop to your interiors no matter your style.

Chop chop, friends!

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