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Lighting Tips for Your Home's Main Rooms

Lighting Tips for Your Home's Main Rooms
Furniture, the color of your walls, accent pieces, and your flooring, of course, can have a major impact on your overall home design. However, lighting is another, often overlooked way to transform a space.  According to Better Home and Gardens magazine, the proper layering of light can bring out the color of the room and improve the atmosphere of the space. You should also plan your lighting carefully to fit every purpose of the room and accentuate the vibe you want the space to establish. Try one of these lighting designs for three of your home's main rooms. 

1. Entryway 

Some areas of a home work best with multiple lighting sources. Twin lighting fixtures, for example, go great with your entryway's room design leading to the stairway. This is one of the areas in a home that should always be well lit. House Beautiful suggested pairing your two matching lamps with a large mirror behind your entry table. Not only will this spread light throughout the space, but it'll also create a stylish area to welcome your guests. 

2. Dining room

According to HGTV, it's essential when incorporating a new large lighting fixture or chandelier into your dining room, that you're sure to leave 30 inches between the table and the bottom of the fixture. 

"That ensures that the chandelier doesn't encroach on your view of dining companions and leaves space to fit a vase of flowers or another tall centerpiece," designer Karl Lohnes told HGTV. "Most people hang chandeliers way too high." 

House Beautiful also recommended including a dimmer switch in your dining room, as one of the most important elements for this area is flexibility. Since many homeowners use the room for a variety of different reasons, such as dinner parties, family meals or even just as a work space, you need to have the option to control the amount of light the room gets to accommodate every purpose.  

3. Living room 

You can create drama and stylish beauty in your living room with lamp light.  Some living rooms don't have a ceiling fixture at all for this very reason.  But even if you have an overhead light, you can still rely on stylish lamps to light up your space with flair. According to House Beautiful, accent lighting makes a space work smarter and harder and can create spotlights on aspects of your room that you want guests to focus on, such as a plant, picture or your stylish, handcrafted hardwood flooring.